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"My wife and I met Nader at an open house when we began searching for our first home. We were new to home buying and Nader was less pushy then the other Realtor agents we met so we followed up w ith him to see some additional houses. We had a pretty specific area we were looking to buy in and Nader showed us all of the houses we wanted to see and helped us get into homes with short notice, sometimes when the current home owners were home. We originally were interested in a single family home so Nader took us to many in our area to help us realize a townhouse made more sense. It took us a while to commit on the house we ended up buying but Nader was willing to take us to the house at least 5 times so we could make up our mind. One weekend he had a business trip so we were looking at houses on our own but he called me and drove out to meet us as soon as he landed and we were glad he could offer his insight. Nader was respectful and friendly and made us feel like our desires were important to him too. When we had any difference of opinions Nader talked through them with us and supported our decisions. He wasn't thrilled that I wanted to fit a pool table in the basement of a townhouse but sure enough we ended up finding a home where we have been able to do that. We also looked up a few properties online that we wanted to see and Nader was happy to show them to us even if he didn't think they would end up being a good fit. We are extremely happy with the home we purchased and it was a pleasure working with Nader. I would recommend Nader to anyone looking to purchase a house in the Northern Virginia area." 
-Josh Poulin

"This probably sounds like a shameless plug for a relative or something, but Its not. I just wanted to recommend a realtor for anyone who was looking for one. We found and worked with Nader Abed completely by accident because he happened to be available for the first house we wanted to see that was found on zillow. He was always available and was able to flex and keep up with all of our ever-changing house criteria. He was nothing short of great- always went above and beyond. Now he's selling my mother in law's house. His contract isn't this hidden fee kind of thing that other realtors have either. He's great and pretty cool if you end up talking to him about his life." 
-Debbie Ahn

"After searching unsuccessfully for home, we turned to Nader Abed for help. This proved to be a wise decision. He is very familiar with the real state market in Virginia and he steered us to a nicer house than we had imagined we would find. Nader offered us excellent common knowledgeable advice and always promoted our interest. Because he understands real state regulations so well we never had to worry about anything. I highly recommend him for all real state needs." 
-S. Kotob